Stun Media. Turn creative capital into financial capital. Clients include Entertainment, Music, Sports, Fashion and Consumer Products

About Us

turn creative capital into financial capital

As a marketing agency,
StunMedia helps publisher and app clients
establish rapid audience growth
via increased user adoption,
engagement, social proof,
monetization and talent on-boarding.

As a content creator,
StunMedia develops and operates
highly trafficked websites with a focus on


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Agency Services

  • Audience Creation
    Web Development
    Production Services
    Celebrity On-Boarding
    Talent Negotiations
    Strategic Creative
    Media Buying
    Marketing Analytics
    User Experience
    Market Research

What We Do


Business Consulting

Our insights open doors to new revenue streams.
We provide clients with deal-making opportunities,
senior-level strategy, counsel & recommendations
for best practices in social media and technology.

As a business matchmaker,
we pair Entrepreneurs,
Talent, Investors,
Businesses and Vendors
to get you what you need.


Audience Creation:
We help you achieve
faster user growth

For Content Publishers

Does your website feature entertainment,
sports or fashion content?
If so, let us help you meet your advertiser fill rates each month.
We optimize traffic campaigns for higher engagement
at lower costs per visitor.

For App Publishers

Our campaigns are performance based.
We take the guess work out of acquiring users with fixed pricing.
We know how to help you rapidly acquire real users for your app
through social media outlets at lower costs per install
for iOS and Android devices.

Social Media Reach & Engagement Campaigns

Are you looking to accelerate your social media numbers?
If so, let us help you achieve greater influence
through social proof.
We know how to positively affect key social media algorithms for
accelerated reach, higher relevancy and post engagement
across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube.

Web Development

WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Java,
PHP, Ruby-On-Rails,
Shopify, Magento?
Whatever your needs,
Stun Media can simplify
the complicated world of the Internet for your business.
You’ll find us easy to work with,
and eager to help you get results.
Not only will we come up with creative ideas,
we’ll implement them for you,
and ensure that the end result
is just what you (and we) planned.

Special projects

Need a Fixer? Look no further.
We have executed successful solutions for complex
‘Search Marketing’ and ‘Online Reputation Defense’ issues.

Celebrity On-Boarding

Are you looking to associate
your product or service
with real stars?
If so, we have the experience
and relationships
to help connect clients with
social-media savvy celebrities
in Sports and Entertainment.
We work with clients to expedite
the deal-making process
for on-boarding celebrity talent.

We make it our BUSINESS
to grow your BUSINESS.

Let’s talk!

Our Clients

Our clients have included
billion dollar brands,
start-ups, consumer products,
high profile public figures
and those seeking help
being discovered.


  • michael_goldstein, michael-goldstein, michael goldstein, michaelgoldstein

    Michael Goldstein

    Chief Executive Officer

    A veritable growth hacker, Michael Goldstein is known for being able to drive targeted audiences and monetize the web for publishers and app developers.

    In layman’s terms Michael makes sense of the Internet’s 1’s and zeros offering strategic advice on new business acquisitions and interactive marketing projects.

    Clients have included record labels, recording artists, film producers, celebrities, athletes and digital media companies.

    Bridging the gap between technology and pop culture, Michael uses his extensive experience in strategy, marketing and technology to help companies talk less, do more and derive value through the evolving social media ecosystem.

    Michael Goldstein’s deep understanding of digital content, user interface, and how audiences interact with it is backed by more than 17 years entrepreneurial career experience across: Web, Mobile & Information Technology, Internet Marketing, Cross-platform Branded Entertainment, Print Advertising, Entertainment Licensing, Event Marketing, Sales & Business Operations.

    Previously, Michael Goldstein was co-founder at Clearview Networks, Inc. (CVN) where he was jointly responsible for writing the patent and development of the underlying technology that was the basis of CVN’s proprietary web casting & video management solution for remotely hosted “real life” camera networks. Prior he was Senior Vice President at, an interactive nightlife web portal providing city-by-city listings utilizing CVN’s patented camera technologies, where he led the company’s Branded Content and Audience Creation initiatives.

    Michael Goldstein was raised and educated in London. When he actually finds himself some spare time, he scours the web for (near) impossible-to-find white label music tracks to add to his already extensive collection.

  • tomas_144x144-2

    Tomáš P.

    Team Lead, Rails Developer

    Tomáš captains STUN MEDIA’s powerful programming team specializing in community, e-commerce, content publishing, interactive membership sites and mobile applications.

    With more than 10 years of web development experience under his belt, Tomáš specializes in the Ruby programming language, Rails, Javascript (jQuery) and SQL. He has launched dozens of web apps, including CRM applications (customer relationship management), audio recording sites, vertical portals, social media applications and many more.

    Tomáš focuses on scaling, efficiency, Ruby best practices and tight, lean code.

    When not cutting code, Tomáš plays guitar.

  • nick.c

    Nick C.

    Team Lead, Wordpress + RSS

    Nick heads up STUN MEDIA’s WordPress development and RSS feed aggregation tasks.

    With over 15 years experience in the Information Technology software development industry, Nick has been involved in all phases of the software development life-cycle.

    Through his tenure, Nick has gained valuable understanding in scoping projects, performing feasibility studies, prototyping, and developing custom software applications. Nick has worked with international clients in the USA, UK and Australia which include: Alcatel-Lucent, Metasolv (now Oracle), British Telecom and Telstra.

  • andrea.s

    Andrea S.

    Team Lead, Search

    Andrea’s deep rooted experience in triumphing over Search Engine updates, algorithm changes, and the shifting sands of link-building to dominate competitive keywords is a valuable asset to STUN MEDIA.

  • ryan_pulliam, ryan-pulliam

    Ryan P.

    Team Lead, Social Media

    Ryan’s deep rooted relationships and experience across the top social media outlets, help us identify, craft and seed a story to capture new audiences and positively influence organic search discovery.

  • shaye_s

    Shaye S.

    Team Lead, Blog Relations

    Shaye oversees an army of bloggers to support STUN MEDIA’s Audience Creation services.

    Shaye knows what makes people tick and has the uncanny blogging ability to corner the top of any niche keyword within a matter of weeks.

    People are often so taken back by her guerrilla tactics that people hiding behind gatekeepers and handlers come out of the woodwork to ask who is behind all the commotion.

    Shaye seems to have no limit to who she can touch with her blogging skills, whether its a high flying company CEO or millions of readers.

    So watch out because Shaye doesn’t even call blogging her expertise. It’s her hobby, and that’s why she’s so good at it.

  • dragana_p

    Dragana Popovic

    Senior Art Director

    “Design: form, function, beauty, humility”

    Since 1998, Dragana has serviced clients across all lifestyle verticals including: fashion, beauty, entertainment and automotive.

    Her role is to interpret, conceive, design and implement graphic design solutions that meet brand needs. Dragana finds her inspiration in photography, fashion, architecture, history, words, travel and art.

    We expect the best and Dragana’s insight and attention to detail is one of the keys that help us deliver on that promise.

  • daniela_a

    Daniela A.

    Editorial Director

    Daniela oversees editorial, digital post-production effects, and music supervision. Her editorial experience has seen her work with award winning documentary film makers as well as world recognized photographers and directors. An avid film, television and music buff, Daniela has been editing music videos and short films for over 10 years.

  • james.allen, james_allen, james-allen

    James Allen

    Branded Content, Writer

    “More wit, less shit”

    James started his journey from London to Los Angeles as a copywriter working on numerous high profile national accounts and maintaining his mantra of ‘more wit, less shit.’ His passion for film making led him into commercial production, as the only movies being made in London at the time either had budgets of less than 500 quid or were being produced by Merchant Ivory. Flashy TV commercials was the way to go and he worked on various accounts such as Bacardi, Oxo and the annoying Nescafe spots where the couple never managed to get together. He then realized that more people want to shag the Director not the Producer – so he moved in that direction, adding the skill of scriptwriting as he began to learn that it was easier to make narrative sense out of your own crap than someone else’s.

    James has won several awards on the independent film festival circuit and has taken full advantage of the free booze that they lay on for the filmmakers. He believes small format short form content is the wave of the future and feels lucky to be part of such a major shift in our entertainment consumption. Now, if he could only work out what a ‘Beefy Baby’ is – he would feel complete as a writer-director- producer.

  • guy_thomas_blews

    Guy Thomas Blews


    Guy Blews was born and raised in England. He was highly educated – although to look at him now, you might not believe it.

    He is the author of Marriage & How To Avoid It, the host of All The Gear No Idea, the instigator of Realistic Relationships and the face behind ‘A Guy’s Opinion’ on radio’s Fashion 411 – his command of the English language could have you talking double-dutch if you get into a discussion with him. We would advise against it.

    Guy is, in reality, totally unemployable, but has been known to rescue old people from burning buildings whilst doing a radio interview in a second hand helicopter – that is why we keep him on a freelance basis only.

  • clark.mccutchen, clark-mccutchen, clark_mccutchen

    Clark McCutchen

    General Counsel
  • you_3


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